2018 Superduke R

Garage complete…

New bikes and updates


A Yamaha YZ450FX and a Montesa Cota 4RT replaced the Husqvarnas.


I started racing district 37! Sadly, the racing season has been cut short because of a hairline fracture on my right heel bone. Transferring trials skills (if any) to a dirt bike is no easy task, and I found out the hard way.

Legacy Moto

My good ol’ HG-5 served me well, so my next Aero in brown front quarter horsehide sounds logical. My complaints about the HG-5 ? none. Well, considering that I purchased it when I was suffering from flight jacket fever, I have nothing to point a finger at. However, it is not suited for motorcycling due to the lack of a bi-swing back, zipper sleeves and enough length in the sleeves to make sure they don’t ride up during cold Iowan mornings.

So, I ordered the perfect non-armored motorcycle jacket for in-town riding, formal party wear (yeah whatever… I am not going to wear a suit or a fucking sportscoat) and everything in between. Brown front quarter horsehide (I don’t ride a pose-mobile like most other harley riders in town, so I don’t need a uniform), OD stitching, Scottish tartan lining, corduroy pockets and the best looking motorcycle jacket Aero makes…

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Born to Run

Shin splints forced me to quit running two years ago. I thought it was the concrete sidewalks, because I never had the problem of shin splints during my teens, when I ran everyday on a clay track. This book suggests that there is something wrong with the way I run; toe pointed upwards, landing on my heel every stride.

I don’t read books, but this book kept me occupied for the better part of a day, and I was nearly half way through the same day. This book is as entertaining as it is informative; so far, at least. I’d say that it is an excellent read, especially for runners discouraged by constant injuries or people who just want to get out there and start running.


I had no luck finding VHT satin black case paint for my Suzuki TS400 in Iowa City. I’ve heard good things about rattle-can paint sold by Harley-Davidson, so I decided to pay Hawkeye Harley-Davidson a visit… and…
I got to see this sporty-sportster(eh?) in person… Finally…

Would I buy a no-nonsense performance sportster inspired by the XR750??? Hell yes! (now, only if I had the money…)