Back to California

This post was first published on April 23, 2017 and titled ‘Goodbye California’, when I left CA to take a job in AZ. Now I am back in CA and I am 5 minutes away from a riding area and am happier than ever. I couldn’t be rude, conniving, exploitative or delusional to fit into my job in AZ. I had to quit. Goodbye Phoenix… Goodbye Daroo…

Lame old post follows:

I miss lane splitting. And that’s about it.


I live in AZ now and the time it takes to get to the nearest riding area is 25 mins instead of 2 and a half hours. I like it here already.

McLaren Speedtail


I wish I were 13 again, but, I am going to wait for the real numbers. The McLaren F1 style seat is nostalgia… gold lined engine bay next?

Your turn Porsche…

Piggeh liketh NorCal


After riding Ebbett’s Pass, Monitor Pass and Sonora Pass on the same day in NorCal, I decided to leave my Piggeh up there. I am going to fly and ride until the snow makes upper elevation impossible to ride.

I am flying back next month. This time, I am going to keep my GoPro charged and actually have a ride report.


XR650R. Six years and still in love…

My Big Red Pig outlasted 5 other motorcycles, and it is the oldest motorcycle in my garage right now. Six years in, and this bike still puts a smile on my face. I am going to take my piggeh on a trip to Northern California later this month. I just cannot wait. Each blog post should have a picture. Here is a crappy one…


Husqvarna TX300 Mods and Update


I took the TX300 out for a spin yesterday. I am blown away by how well it ran and how much fun it is to ride this bike.

Thanks to the JD jetting kit I installed, the TX300 had smooth linear power throughout the rev range. I don’t get any more gas overflow because I routed the overflow hose according to James Dean’s recommendation and adjusted the float height (this, along with the jetting resulted in great mileage).


I also added a RK-Tek head, a FMF factory fatty pipe and a Boyesen carbon-tech reed petals. I don’t know the contribution level of each mod as I didn’t have time to test them individually.

Other mods include:
1) Samco radiator hoses
2) TM designworks skip plate with a Obie link guard
3) TM designworks chain guide and rear caliper/disc guard
4) Bulletproof designs radiator guards
5) Acerbis front disc guard
6) FMF Husqvarna Turbinecore 2.1 silencer
7) Polisport plastic swingarm protectors
8) Enduro Engineering clutch slave cylinder guard
9) Bulletproof designs billet swingarm guard