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Husqvarna TX300 Mods and Update


I took the TX300 out for a spin yesterday. I am blown away by how well it ran and how much fun it is to ride this bike.

Thanks to the JD jetting kit I installed, the TX300 had smooth linear power throughout the rev range. I don’t get any more gas overflow because I routed the overflow hose according to James Dean’s recommendation and adjusted the float height (this, along with the jetting resulted in great mileage).


I also added a RK-Tek head, a FMF factory fatty pipe and a Boyesen carbon-tech reed petals. I don’t know the contribution level of each mod as I didn’t have time to test them individually.

Other mods include:
1) Samco radiator hoses
2) TM designworks skip plate with a Obie link guard
3) TM designworks chain guide and rear caliper/disc guard
4) Bulletproof designs radiator guards
5) Acerbis front disc guard
6) FMF Husqvarna Turbinecore 2.1 silencer
7) Polisport plastic swingarm protectors
8) Enduro Engineering clutch slave cylinder guard
9) Bulletproof designs billet swingarm guard




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