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Husqvarna TX300


This is my third Husqvarna motorcycle. I’ve owned Husqvarna motorcycles from both the Castiglioni era and the BMW era and they were good bikes. Screw that… Welcome to the new age. A counter-balanced two stroke motor makes sense… and KTM decides to knock it out of the park and relocate the starter motor… I cannot complain. Best motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. Period. And I own this bike. It will probably take me a few months to comprehend what is going on with my motorcycle situation.

The stock jetting on the TX300 is horrible, but this motorcycle handles so good it compensates for the shitty factory jetting.

Time to work on the carburetor and get this motorcycle running right.

P.S. : The YZ450FX is gone and I am glad to be back on a two stroke.



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