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Road Trip #2… Iowa->Nebraska->South Dakota->Wyoming and back again

This one was fun. I was actually planning on going on a road trip for the thanksgiving break, but didn’t decide where I wanted to go until the morning of Tuesday, 25th November. I was thinking of going to the Grand Canyon, but I figured that I wouldn’t be able to do much in such a short period of time. If I go to the Canyon some time, I’d like to do stuff like river rafting, biking, hiking etc. So, the only option left was sight seeing, which I am not a big fan of, but I had to do it anyway because of time constraints. The east coast was another option, but then again… time constraints. I went around asking people at work where relatively close tourist attractions are. One of them suggested Mount Rushmore and the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. It sounded reasonable and that was it, I was going to Rushmore and Devil’s Tower. I asked people at work if they would like to go with me. They were not interested, but it didn’t matter, because I was prepared to go alone (road trip #3 coming up in January is going to be huge!!!!… and I will go alone this time)

I randomly called up one of my friends and asked him if he was interested. He was.
We left at 9:00pm of 25th November, 2008
I planned to drive through the night so that we could reach Mount Rushmore before noon. That was we would have enough time to visit the Devil’s Tower on the same day as well.

-> 11:30am 26th November 2008
We reached badlands in South Dakota. We were driving through the badlands loop through the National Park and took a random highway(I-40 I think) to get to Mount Rushmore. There wasn’t a soul in sight for miles. We were surrounded by badlands on all sides. And guess what we find in the middle of this no-man’s-land… a UPS truck !

Bad lands 1
Bad lands 1

-> 1:30pm 26th November 2008
We reached Mount Rushmore. I had a super-awesome burger, Vaibhav picked up some memorabilia, we snapped a bunch of shots and left for Devil’s Tower.

29th State
29th State

CPO's first major trip.
CPO's first major trip.



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