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Vintage bike store.

micheal’s motorcycles
I was recently looking for pictures and tech specs of the Ariel Square four and I stumbled across this website. I found two bikes from my to-buy (yup, I’d like to collect bikes) list on this site.

1) 1955 Vincent Series D ($59,500)
60,000$… People will go “I will get a sports car for the same price”. But, if you are actually buying a sports car, you are in a mid-life crisis (I’ve seen more middle aged men own sports cars than young men), and you cannot ride a motorbike anyway. Take that! you bluetooth headset wearing manager types… (Thanks to Jeremy Clarkson for the M3-owner stereotype).
I’d rather own a Black Lightning than this bike, because I like the girder fork on the Black Lightning better. I don’t know much about Vincents (a lot of info can definitely be found on Wiki or something, but I am lazy to read that stuff and it is not comprehensive enough for me), but they are pretty rare and expensive. A recent effort has been made by Bernard Li to resurrect this brand. He died this year and the future of this brand remains uncertain. Anyways, here is a picture of the bike that I borrowed off the website.

1955 Vincent Series D
1955 Vincent Series D

2) 1973 Triumph X75 Hurricane

I don’t know much about this bike and I will write about it later — once I am done with the book I am reading about the history of British motorcycles. This bike is a stunner. Check out the independent exhaust setup for each cylinder.



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