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Denim direction

Lots of Japanese denim companies have sprung up recently, each offering unique twists to the same classic piece of clothing we call jeans. The jeans offered by most companies are different in several ways, which makes it really tempting to keep purchasing new denim. I am a big fan of Samurais, but I’d like to explore other brands as well. My S5000VXs will be replaced by a Samurai Leepro (made using Samurai’s awesome left twill weave denim) or Pure Blue Japan XX-009s. Out of all the left twill weave denims I have seen, I think Samurai makes the best. It is really slubby and fades really well, with unique horizontal falling as opposed the vertical falling on my S5000VXs and S7000VXs (both of them are right twill denim. It is also amazing how the 21oz denim on my S5000VXs varies from the 17oz denim on my S7000VXs. The 21oz denim is less slubby compared to the 17oz, and the creases formed on the 17oz are more well defined and finer compared to the 21oz.)

My other favorite type of denim currently is the Okinawa denim by Sugarcane. It is a 50/50 Sugarcane fiber/cotton blend, and is super slubby. There are so many imperfections on this denim that it is crazy ! The denim is not as tightly woven as the Samurais and it lighter too (11oz on my Mister Freedom CPO and 12.5oz on my Okinawa Rainbows). I am not a big fan of the denim on my 1947s because of the lack of any unique characteristic.

I am looking forward to wearing the hell out of my current collection, so that I can move on the next collection. Denimes are in line as well because I love the unique marbling effect of the fades on these. Eternal 872s would be on my list if I didn’t get the Cone denim fabric which looks a lot similar.

Not all the good denim is restricted to Japan. The Stronghold, based in Venice, CA also makes some really interesting pieces. The denim they use is sourced from Cone Mills, North Carolina, if I am not wrong. I am really interested in getting the Raw Hickory Stripe Selvedge Jeans, but not anytime in the near future.



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