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I Want !!! Flat Tracking Motorbike

Ron Wood flat tracker
Ron Wood flat tracker

This bike weighs just 251 pounds, with the frame weighing just 21 pounds. Designed to blast through flat tracks, this is one of the bikes that I would like in my garage. More info here. Ron Wood is well known for his work with Rotax motors and custom frames. One of his recent creations was this.

Ron Wood F800 based flat tracker
Ron Wood F800 based flat tracker

It has the same engine as the BMW F800GS or F800S…

I’ve been wanting to learn flat tracking for a while now. Limited student budget sucks, but I think there is a solution. I think I can get a single bike to do all the jobs (cross country road trips, off road biking, flat tracking), and if I had to choose a single bike, it’d be a Honda XR650R. Yes, the liquid cooled Baja desert conquering bike. Suspension and tire swap-outs, along with removable head light and turn signals might just do the trick. I might also ride (read ‘power-slide’) my bike in the Iowa snow someday.



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