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First leatherworking project – Wallet

I finished this today. I am really happy with the result, even if it is not perfect. I made a lot of mistakes with leather choice (4-5 oz leather is not good for making wallets, it needs to be lighter), thread thickness and cutting. I fixed the cutting errors by using sand paper and it turned out pretty nice.

Making this wallet was actually a painful experience. I broke 4-5 needles in the process and I don’t remember how many times I cut my fingers by accident. My saddle stitch has gotten a lot better compared to my previous trials and my hand stitching speed is faster than before.


The design is original, and I designed it with the primary user (me) in mind. I don’t carry any cash and all I use is cards, so my wallet has only card slots. All in all, this was a good learning experience, and my next project, a leather messenger bag is going to turn out much better. However, I like this wallet so much that I already started using it, ditching my 3 year old wallet.


The dark patch is actually waterproofing cream which I accidentally smeared onto the inside of the wallet.



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