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Amoskeag XX

Named after the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, the once largest textile manufacturer in the world, this workwear company is all about vintage inspired denim overalls. I found a really good post about it on denim news. Some of the overalls from their collection have have additional details added to them, like the seamless overalls (no outer seam as they are woven on a tube) and the merrimak overalls (different fabric used on the front and the back).

This one, I particularly like…

869 Coveralls front
869 Coveralls front

I don’t know how people feel about pleats on their jeans, but I really like the 869 Engineers’ Overalls. Achieving a relaxed silhouette with these would be easy, and I wouldn’t have to size up and tighten the cinch or use the suspender button as the top button.

869 Overalls Back
869 Overalls Back
869 Overalls detail
869 Overalls detail

Rest of the collection here.



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