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1974 Suzuki TS400 Apache

On Any Sunday has had a strange effect on me. Now I can totally picture myself racing across the Baja desert someday. Also, my trip from Sacramento to Yosemite via back country routes left me longing for a similar kind of trip, but this time on a motorcycle. I really like the way the motocross bikes from the 70s look, and the answer to all these needs is buying an enduro motorcycle from that era. I never expected to stumble across an enduro this cheap (I will not mention how much I spent, but it is less than 1000$). Yes, I bought this motorcycle. It doesn’t run, and it is in a really bad condition from the looks of it, but I think that is a good thing. I’ll restore this beast and ride it someday, and I think it is a reasonable step up from the 150cc motorcycles I am used to riding back in India. I also found websites with lots of spares for this model, because of it’s evil twin… the 1974 Suzuki TM400 Cyclone. It was called cyclone for a reason.




I am picking this motorcycle up from Illinois this weekend, and I will post more pictures then. I will also keep posting pictures of the bike as it goes through restoration. I don’t expect the restoration to be easy or the bike to be reliable, but that is the best part.



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  1. Many a story was told to me as a boy of the legendary ts 400 that my father owned. Over 100 miles an hour in the dirt he would say and also how it would start on the first kick every time. He claims to have won a race with one of the old 8-speed husqys, which I’m not so sure about, but I am positive that the bike was nearly bullet proof and absolutely reliable.
    Good luck on your restoration project! Please post your progress, because vintage bikes deserve to live forever.

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