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Suzuki ts400 update : dis assembly / new problems

Over the last week, I managed to dedicate some time to the dis assembly of the motorcycle. The purpose being evaluation of the motorcycle’s condition and also determining what parts needed replacement. Like I said before, the engine had good compression and ran through all the gears, but disassembling the engine would be the only way to determine the actual condition of it. So we yanked the engine out of the frame and got the cylinder head off. Cleaning the carbon build up revealed detonation damage near the squish area of the cylinder head, but it didn’t look too bad, so I decided to put off purchasing a cylinder head for later. Surprisingly, the crankshaft had some surface rust on it, but it is nothing too bad and I can just use it for now.



The problem that requires immediate attention is the weld on the frame. The frame looks fine as it is, but I’d like it to be perfectly straight. My current efforts are totally focused on getting the frame prepped for welding and painting. The motorcycle also requires a new carburetor, because the old one is completely useless. It looks like the motorbike has been sitting for a while with some amount of fuel still in the carburetor.

I managed to acquire a few parts for the motorcycle off eBay… gas tank, handle bars, triple clamps, new rear wheel, oil tank, grips, footpeg assembly etc. The motorbike certainly requires a lot of attention before I get it running, but I just cannot wait to ride this beast…



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