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Lee Storm Rider 101lj

This jacket is an accurate reproduction of the original storm rider immortalized by Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood and Marilyn Monroe. I love the Alaskan wool blanket lining and the corduroy collar, the collar being a particularly welcome addition for flip-ups during colder days. I bought it at Cultizm, when they had the 50% off sale on Lee and Wrangler recently.

UPDATE Oct 11, 2011…
After having used this jacket for a while, I can say that it is one of the best fall/spring jackets I’ve owned. I always wear a shirt beneath this jacket (usually flannel), for additional warmth and itch-proofing. However, windy conditions are not favorable, as cold air flows relatively easy through the denim…



Here are pictures of McQueen and Eastwood sporting this jacket.



It is made by Edwin of Japan under license from Lee.



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  1. after having a stormrider as part of my almost daily wear for two plus decades i felt abandoned and betrayed when i went into the local western wear store to replace my ragged jacket and was told they did not make them anymore! my grandfather wore these jackets . thankyou 80’s style and outsourcing. nothing is sacred in america except the almighty dollar

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