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Maxpedition Colossus

I bought a backpack. Well… not exactly a backpack; it is kind of a small messenger bag. I wanted to buy a Beckel Canvas bag, until I stumbled upon an article about Maxpedition’s military grade bags. Made using super sturdy Teflon coated ballistic nylon, the colossus is one sturdy bag and is going to last me a while. The name, however, is misleading. This bag is by no means ‘colossal’. But I guess it gets its name because it is the biggest pack in Maxpedition’s versipack range.


What I absolutely love about this bag is the PALS webbing, like the one found on tactical gear. Maxpedition makes expansion pouches that can be attached to this bag, and it can truly be made ‘colossal’. I will add pouches as required, depending on what I plan to carry everyday.

This bag does come with a laptop compartment, but it is super small. That is a good thing, because I’ve decided to go for an UMPC after hauling a 8 pound 17-inch laptop around until now.



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  1. I just bought one of these as well. I also carry a net book (part of the reason why I wanted the bag).
    I have owned a Maxpedition Lunada for a while now and love it.
    it’s the perfect bag for carrying a net book but it’s a gear sling, which is sometimes a pain depending on what your wearing. I thought the Colossus would be like a Lunada only with a shoulder strap, (whick would be the perfect bag in my opinion). Anyway, I find the Colossus a bit to small for my net book carrying purposes.
    I carry a Lenovo S10-2 and in order to get it in the bag I need to remove the battery to get it to just barely fit into the back compartment (what you refer to as the net book pocket).
    Nice bag, but slightly bigger would have been better.

  2. Having owned this bag for a while, I too feel that it is too small as well. It is now my SLR bag.

    Time to go for a bigger Maxpedition this time…

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