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1977 Suzuki GS750

This motorcycle was listed on Iowa City craigslist, just begging to be bought. I knew I needed to buy it, especially because I was looking for a cafe racer project, and more importantly, a bike that ran. This is because I didn’t want to waste two good riding months before the roads became unrideable. The Suzuki TS400 restoration is going good, now that I made a little progress (more about that in a different post).

This motorcycle is just beautiful, and I am the third owner. The previous owners’ love for motorcycle shows… because of the amazing condition it is in, for a 32 year old motorcycle. I couldn’t be happier.






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  1. The bike looks good, though out-dated style. The rear tyre appears small for a bike of this size. Are they 3.5″? For a 32-year-old vehicle, the condition is SUPERB.

  2. Yes, the rear tire is actually smaller than it is supposed to be. It is a 3″, and I will probably replace it with a larger tire.

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