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Goodbye Buell

Buell is the kind of company that is not afraid to break from the norm and build outstanding motorcycles. They did things their own way, by not following the twin-spar frame – inline four route. Rather, their motorcycles were one of a kind, with innovative designs. The underslung exhaust, for example, was pioneered by Buell, and was copied by several manufacturers thereafter. It truly saddens me to watch Harley-Davidson kill off this company. I really hope someone else buys it, so that Buell can continue innovating and I get the privilege of owning one someday.

Harley-Davidson continues to disappoint me by being lazy. The only reason I liked HD was because it supported Buell and owned a stake in MV Agusta. Now I have every reason to completely hate HD. Although that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to own one. If I had the money, I’d buy a 1977 Harley Davidson XLCR in a heartbeat.




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