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Another summer with Samurai denim… 24oz this time…

Last summer, I survived the Californian heat in 21oz S5000VXs. This summer can turn out to be even more painful… Nogami-san is doing his magic again, and pushing the boundary even further with 24oz denim !

Translated version of the recent Samurai blog entry…
untranslated version here.

Preliminary 24oz! ! ! ! !

Date: 2009/02/21

Most Discussed 24oz jeans! I see in many magazines!

Was published in the magazine, 24oz is a woven fabric made from sewing jeans test to make a thick thread染MEZU for denim, 24oz in a row that I managed to sew it, but finally produced a full-fledged entered.

The 21oz So did the test of time, but I made the dough in染MEZU why the rope dyeing process is not and I do not have a reasonable amount of yarn. 縫ENAKATTA be so much to do there in jeans, is the first translation染MEZU tested. It was great to縫E safely. But mass production is going to be tough.

21oz is the thickness of the yarn (yarn) was at 3.6, 2.5 and the second of three made a thread. 14oz usually in place at six to seven per second is used, it is impossible are just thick! For 100% dyed in indigo and dark in color. SERUBITCHI (ear) and the mixture is a little lame with a red tone.

I finally started listening to weave from the other day, and also a cover of the magazine DEITONABUROSU,機屋(and groupers) have been done to her!

What is it about somewhere between Okayama and Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is very active in this area between the fibers.

Woven fabric and the power loom and making a roar GASSHANGASSHAN. 10 units in a loom, but the severe vibration一際, Samurai 24oz it is! The next was thin織っchambray fabrics, the vibration is different now! What I found impossible to have a loom? It screws off from the vibration of the machine (laughs)

I often stop and machinery. Out of the yarn or so higher than the frequency of the switching and light denim warp, the mobility of the loom again and check the craftsman機屋each time. Denim is so expensive, I say no one.

織っat a slow speed and物凄KU. In a 50m (No. 20 jeans duty) let you see how slow it織RENAI. However, he is very thick compared to 24oz I have wrapped the original fabric and more! Heavy!

Progressing well and we managed! Please stay tuned!

I look at you, so please be featured in the next issue DEITONABUROSU!



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