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Moccasin Companies

The quality of the product you get from the following companies is unparalleled and the attention to detail unmatched. To me, there are several good reasons to get my shoes from these companies. One of them being the fact that they are made by craftsmen in USA, and not some mistreated child or underpaid worker elsewhere…

Arrow Moccasin Company:
This family owned business is located in Hudson, MA. They have been making moccasins the traditional way for more than 50 years now. This company was started by Ron Ouellette and the moccasin making is now also carried out by his son Paul. The leather on this moccasins is super thick and they are guaranteed to last you a life time. I am in love with their bush boot and mukluk sport boot. The mukluk is a perfect winter shoe with its non-slip plantation crepe sole and pile lining. The best part about these boots is that they can be resoled, which means years of use and the character that leather develops as it ages…

To be continued…. (in another post). I have Quoddy Trail Moccasin Company, Yukenten & Co. and Russell Moccasin in mind.



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