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Lone Wolf Engineer Boots

All the boots from Lone Wolf’s collection run only upto size 10.5 US. This is bad for people with longer feet like me, because we don’t get to own a really well constructed vintage-inspired boot with all the details that would get a vintage connoisseur excited. Goodyear welts, Cat’s Paw soles, stacked leather heels and hand lasted uppers… I’d like all these in my boots for sure. And did I mention that the label is made on a vintage shuttle loom?


There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. From next year, these boots will be available for hobbit-footed people like me, and will run up to a size 13 US. Obviously, all this quality and workmanship comes at a price… a hefty one. These will be a good replacement for my Red Wings next year. I can’t wait!

Pre-order/buy them at History Preservation.



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