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Vin De Glaciere and the Laguiole knife

After having a dry German Riesling wine (sorry, I forgot the name) with some really tasty Indian-style lamb curry, and a Pacific Rim vin de glaciere riesling ice wine (I know, it is cheap… at least it is a start!) for dessert, I think I might get into wines after all. I was particularly impressed by the ice wine… however I would like to point out that the Pacific Rim vin de glaciere is not made the common way. The wine expert at John’s Grocery Store, Iowa City, explained to me that the grapes are artificially frozen, taking the risk factor involved with manufacturing ice wine out of the equation. This process preserves some of the acidity of the grapes, which is lacking in ice wine made the regular way. Ice wine is a risky business, because the weather conditions need to be just right to freeze the grapes correctly, and sometimes things may go wrong, resulting in zero or reduced yield. I am no wine expert, but the whole idea of exploring a new territory has gotten me excited.

This is where the Laguiole knife comes into the equation. It is a traditional french knife with a corkscrew and awl. More info about Laguiole here.


Buy the knife here



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