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Alden Plain Toe Blucher in Shell Cordovan


This shoe is a classic plain toe blucher, but it is the leather that gives it character. Cordovan leather is unique, and comes from the posterior part of a horse. Horses are not raised for their leather, so the yield is extremely low compared to cowhide (only Horween Leather Company, Chicago, makes cordovan leather in all of USA). A horse provides just two shells, just enough to make a pair of shoes. Cigar shell cordovan is rare because of the complexity involved in the vegetable tanning process compared to black and color #8 cordovan.

Cordovan ages in a unique way, with creases that are lighter in color than the rest of the shoe. Even constant exposure to the sun contributes to the aging process and the shoes only get better with more exposure and constant wear. I’ve heard of cordovan shoes lasting thirty years, and still going strong. Now I know what I’d like for dress shoes. If only I could save up for that Freemans Sporting Club 3-button suit…

P.S. : The Freemans Sporting Club suit deserves a post of its own. More in a different post…



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